We grow in our faith as we discuss our faith. Talking about life and faith with others is one of the best ways to strengthen us. We need others as we journey though life. We encourage you to go deeper with this weeks message. This discussion guide works best when you share it with others. Join a small group or use this with friends and family to talk about the implications for your lives.

The Jonah in Us.jpeg

The Jonah In Us                     

Jonah’s Calling

1.     Read Jonah 1:1-3. How is Jonah’s calling like or like what God calls us to do? What is your calling?

Jonah’s’ Prayer

2.     Read Jonah 2: 4. How does the sense of God’s absence create something fresh in us?

3.     Read Jonah 2:7. What does it mean to remember the Lord? Why is this important to us?

4.     Someone once said, “God does nothing on earth expect in response to believing prayer.” Do you agree or disagree?

 Jonah’s’ Obedience

5.     Read Jonah 3:1-4. People repent of their sin. What is the connection between what God had done in Jonah and what He is doing through Jonah now?

6.     Read Jonah 6-7. Praying prepares us for a powerful work of God through us. Praying before God is not idleness.

·       Praying is   _____Action__________.

·       Praying is  _____Leaving__________ something behind.

·       Waiting is  _____Entering__________ into a new awareness of God.

7.     Read John 5:19. What does this reveal about Jesus relationship with the Father? How does Jesus see what the Father is doing?

8.     We are to be “strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10

 Our obedience

9.     Read John 14: 12. What are the greater works Jesus calls us to do.

10.  Read John 15:4-5. What is Jesus saying to us right now through this scripture?

11.  Who will you be praying for? Pray Until Something Happens.

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