We grow in our faith as we discuss our faith. Talking about life and faith with others is one of the best ways to strengthen us. We need others as we journey though life. We encourage you to go deeper with this weeks message. This discussion guide works best when you share it with others. Join a small group or use this with friends and family to talk about the implications for your lives.

The Jonah in Us.jpeg

The Jonah In Us                     

1.    Read Jonah 1:1-17

2.    Why does Jonah run from the presence of God?

3.    What some reasons Jonah disobeyed God?

4.    What does it mean to run from the presence of God? Why do we run?

5.    Why would God call him to warn Nineveh?

6.    What are some things that God asks us to do, in the Bible, that seem unreasonable or difficult to obey?

7.    What happens when people only associate with people like themselves?

8.    Do you ever experience people who say they are Christians but refuse to accept others different than themselves?

9.    What do you think Jonah misunderstood about God and his request?

10. God intentionally throws a storm Jonah’s’ way. Why do you think he did this?

11. How can the consequences of our disobedience can affect others?

12.  Think about a time when you disobeyed God. Who was affected by your disobedience?

13. How does God use the sailors in their peril to confront Jonah’s own lack of compassion?

14. Where do you have some of the same attitudes that Jonah had? Where is the Jonah in me?

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