Trusting Your Life to Jesus

I grew up in a loving home. My parents loved us. Imperfectly, as well all do. What was difficult is the constant tension. The tension between my parents created a tension in us children. Arguments would get volatile. Shouting was often heard. We never knew when it was going to blow up. I loved Jesus. I never wavered in Him. But I waived with myself. Why? Again, the instability in our home created an instability within me. Some of us got into harmful behaviors. Some of us worked hard to prove ourselves. We loved God, but we were struggled with trust.

Trust is harder in an unstable environment. We may question, “Am I good enough?” What gets in the way? Trying to prove our worthiness to God. Trusting is easy to talk about, its different when you actually have to trust in an unstable place. Where you cannot see the way forward.

Trust verses mistrust is one of the earliest things a child learns. If raised in a safe and caring environment trust comes easier. If raised in an unsettling or harmful environment trust is harder. We all have learned mistrust well. We all have encountered unsafe and harmful people. We love God, but it’s hard to trust when we throw our mistrust of people on to God.

Jesus said, ““Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” John 14:1

He comes to still our troubled hearts. He comes to instill in us what we do not have within us. He instills the faith we need to trust him. This is a lifelong process. We live in an unstable world. We learn trust though every circumstance that threatens to destabilize us.

When the money is just not there, and you are tempted to panic. When your health is threatened or even permanently weakened, you can be overwhelmed with frustration. When deep loss suddenly appears, pain and fear can grip your heart.                                                                  

Jesus says in every circumstance. “Don’t let your heart be troubled”. That seem so simplistic and may even cause us to question if that is possible. I have found that it may be hard, but it is possible.

The promise of Jesus is what sustain me.  He said, “I will never leave you.” Think about it for a moment. Let that sink in. Let Jesus words change your focus from what you lack to the One who provides all you need.


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