Jesus said the only way in was though him. He is both the entry gate and the one who leads. A mixed metaphor for Jesus: the gate and the shepherd who leads out of the gate. But in life it's not mixed, it's the same. The point is Jesus. Being people who have to know how, we inquire on the gate. How do I get into life. How. Jesus simply says wrong question. It not how but who. Who is leading you. The way in is through knowing him. He is the way. So often I get preoccupied with asking what to do next, where to go, what great decision to make. He replies I am the way. Ask instead about me, who I am, let me lead. Its in knowing me you find the way.

In the way we have shaped our lives together, so much is focused on making the right choice. I fear I will screw it up. A choice once made can never be undone. I fear missing it. Jesus must groan at all my self-preoccupation. He would say, come here learn of me. Look at how shepherds guide their sheep. One at at time and all at once. Out through the narrow sheep pen opening where nothing can ravage us. He is the way, the one that the dangerous must deal with first to get to us. He is the one we deal with if we go out. Without him we venture into danger. We see the good place we want to go. But then without him the good place loses its appeal. For good, without God, is an empty promise.

He leads. The life he promises is not just "out there" its with him. He takes us to life that is full. To places of abundance. Without the anxiety. No fear of choices. No worry of lack. He leads. We follow, not mindlessly, but fully attentive to Him and the world he leads us into. Is there danger? Yes, very much so. But with him it is with assurance he goes with us. Will there be tough situation and pain. Yes. But he leads and there is no anxiety with him.


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