Awe is the sense we get when we experience something amazing. It stops us in our tracks. It takes our breath away. When we see a rainbow, the constellations at night, stand at the oceans edge or see children playing and laughing with abandon. It is so easy to miss it. It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy world and become desensitized to it. 

This week I went to a funeral of pastor that lived 80 years. But this man had the demeanor of a young person. Fun, funny, active and moved quickly as he walked. When hearing the stories, I was moved by both how down to earth he was and how he lived for the glory of God. Both here and "there". Isn't that how Jesus followers are supposed to be? We are fully present "here" showing deep love for the people in our lives and "there", a sense of awe about the God who lives among us. To me the convergence of these two is holy ground. This is praying with awe. The transcendent God is here. God brings heaven down to us as we pray. Then our lives are lived in awe of Him everywhere we look.

I thank God for Royal Freeman who lived this way, loved this way and showed us the way. "Top of the Line"

To live in awe is to find Jesus our savior as our goal. It to be constantly present to serve Him. It is also to live fully to serve everyone around us and to love them with the unconditional love of God.

So as you go in prayer today, go with a sense of God's awesome presence. Do whatever it takes to get you to realize that God's glory is here. Hold your hands over your heart and say, "God you are awesome in this place!"



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