Everyday I get up desiring to do the best things, the important things. Everyday there are challenging people and challenging problems. It’s so easy to idealize a “perfect” life, a perfect day. When we bought our new car the dealer sent me and email saying, “Your car is ready and it’s prefect”. So we drive our prefect car for a few weeks and then it needs washing, then I notice a few scratches, I get a speeding ticket and then its not so “perfect” anymore. And why do people drive so crazy out there? 

So today is not” perfect”, but it is the day the Lord has planned. You may start out and everything is going great. Then a few dings, a few scratches by the circumstances and people out there, then its not going so great. It’s like driving a new car, look our everyone drives crazy out here. Don’t they know that I am truing to have a perfect day? So why not give up perfect? 

Where does God fit in? He is perfect, everything else is….well far from it. Neither are you, neither am I. So why not give up trying to be “perfect”. I am not talking about giving up trying to improve, nor just giving up on life. The Bible constantly tells us not to give up.

Every story in the Bible is about imperfect people who had really fears, real life threatening obstacles and real failures too. But if you look closer you will see in the center of the action God at work. Instead of trying to fit God in so we can have an ideal life, look to Him and see where there real action is. We fit into His plan, His perfect plan. Looking for perfect always get me focused back on myself and not on the Lord. So get up and ask the Lord, “What do you have planed today? Can I join you?” Much healthier that trying get off on myself.



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