Did you ever feel that what is happening seems inevitable? That you just want the world to stop? When we feel on top of the world, especially when we are young, we may feel unstoppable. But then life happens.

There is this one line in the Bible that seems odd: 

Out of Egypt, I have called my son.
— Matthew 2:15

Right in the middle of the story of Mary and Joseph running for their lives, right when they are called back home, this old prophecy is quoted.

Out of Egypt. This is familiar to a Jewish people. This was where God called the Jews out of slavery. He called them into the desert to meet him. Pharaoh could not stop him; it was inevitable that they would be free. God is still calling people who feel like they are in a desert place. He speaks to people who feel nothing is changing. They are stuck.

Jesus was a threat to the political and religious powers of his day. He was pursued by people of power. People who were impostors. Who did not have the welfare of others as their concern. He is still a threat to those in power, to all who exploit and use others. He came to the religious. He came to those who should welcome him. But they too where threatened by one who would upset their system of power and control.

Jesus always is a threat to those who think they have it all together. You know those who use others for their own selfish means. The people that control and oppress others to stay in control. He also comes and upsets our lives when we act like we have it all together. He disturbs me and you when we think we can leave him out.


Years ago, God selected one people to represent him. To present God to the world. To be like a son to him. They represented us all and failed. They did not have concern for God’s concerns. They did not see that God had called them out of the desert to be a people who knew God and were to be a light to all people about God.

God then sent his son, himself, into the genealogy of the Jewish nation to complete what they could never do. They could not save the world. God sent his son, just like he sent Israel.

Mary and Joseph went to Egypt to survive just like an ancient Israel did so many years ago. They went when the time was right. God called them back to the land of Israel.

Jesus came. He came as no king had ever done. He came not to enslave like other kings did. He came not to take away the land or possessions and other kings do. He came to free people. He came to give away gifts! His life given freely to all people, to all who would receive him.

He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.
— John 1:12-13 // NIV

Today, when life may seem out of control, the inevitable still happens. All who give in to fear are trying to get control back again. Yet, all who receive him experience his grace.  


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